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Cisco Systems, Technical Project Specialist
System & Process Architecture Team, Enterprise Release Change Management
Aug 2022 - Present
Bengaluru, India

As a Technical Project Specialist, I’m responsible for managing and automating our systems and processes that are used to provide critical information about every product releases. I work towards optimising our information systems for our clients and stakeholders to get the most accurate and real-time data during a release event. Besides, I also collaborate with my clients to understand their information requirements and work with my project lead to conduct feasibility studies. I provide service adoption sessions for my clients to facilitate adoption of new technologies and systems.

Cisco Systems, Technical Undergarduate Intern
System & Process Architecture Team, Enterprise Release Change Management
Jan 2022 - Jun 2022
Bengaluru, India

During my internship, I worked on automating the process of creating reports on SharePoint for our stakeholders by fetching and transforming data from API calls and databases. I Collaborated with more than ten teams to understand their requirements before preparing a standard template for all release events. Furthermore, I integrated the report with an internal Bot to send notifications to the clients to furnish any missing information before the scheduled release. The overall endeavor made SharePoint a one-stop reliable destination for all release updates, which reduced the time to create reports by 70%. Besides, I also worked with a Business Process Management tool, Pega, in developing a conflict detection system. This tool facilitated identifying downtimes associated with any critical application that supports the execution of a release.

Manipal Institute of Technology, Research Assistant
Identification of Cryptographic Algorithms for IOT Devices
Oct 2021 - Aug 2022
Supervisor: Mrs. Ipsita Upasana

I worked on identifying lightweight cryptographic algorithms suitable for communication between IOT devices. I Analyzed the performance of the Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) algorithm against the RSA algorithm by testing them on varying data sizes and tracking the time to encrypt and decrypt the data. Besides, I recognized certain variations and possible enhancements in ECC to improve encryption efficiency.

Analyzes of SSL Architecture and its Vulnerabilities
Supervisor: Dr Balachandra Muniyal

The research focused on diving deep into the implemention of the Secured Socket Layer (SSL) protocol used to secure communication between two entities over the internet. I led the project by examining this protocol's architecture and step-by-step implementation. I Identified the flaws and cryptographic vulnerabilities associated with the SSL protocol. We conducted case studies on major cyber attacks in SSL and highlighted the need to upgrade to Transport Layer Security.

Ascendum Solutions, Software Engineer Intern
Human-Machine Interface Design Team
Jul 2021 - Aug 2021
Bengaluru, India

I worked on developing a Human Machine Interface system that would automate the heavy machinery used in industries for the client Nordson (India) Private Limited. The machine is supposed to dispense an adhesive at the right physical state and temperature. I Investigated and fixed over 200 bugs in the application using Javascript and SonarQube. I contributed to creating a detailed technical design document of the application’s functionalities for the client. Furthermore, I Performed cross-browser testing on different browsers and operating systems to test the web application

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